BALE DUO all year duvet
BALE DUO all year duvet
BALE DUO all year duvet
BALE DUO all year duvet
BALE DUO all year duvet
BALE DUO all year duvet
BALE DUO all year duvet
BALE DUO all year duvet
BALE DUO all year duvet
BALE DUO all year duvet

BALE DUO all year duvet

  • 135x100
  • 135x200
  • 155x200
  • 155x220
  • 200x200
  • 220x220
  • 220x240


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All seasons duvet takes you from the coldest winters to summer heat and keeps you comfortable night after night.

A BaLe Duo all seasons is designed to suit your sleeping needs for the entire year. Fit to keep you comfortable and warm in Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, this duvet is a one-time purchase.

BaLe Duo all-year duvet is a comfortable duvet with superior heat retention properties. The Duo Version of the BaLe duvet makes for a remarkably adaptable and highly breathable duvet with medium-level filling weight.

'Duo Version' means two separately quilted duvets, which are joined together with a circumferential tape. Double-layer duvets retain more heat due to holding a higher air volume than single-layer, quilted duvets of similar weight. The linen blend also helps to create a dry and warm climate.

BaLe Duo quilted duvet is made from the best organic cotton and linen which are perfect for a great night's sleep all year round. Linen is often the top choice for its cooling properties and quickly transports humidity away from the body. It is also a natural temperature regulator and insulator. So natural linen actually keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer on winter nights. Moreover, linen and cotton are both ideals for comfortable sleeping as they are woven from natural fibers that breathe really well.

The cover is made from traditional Indian bedding ‘desi cotton’, which makes it soft and feels very luxurious with a smooth-to-the-touch feeling.

The rhombus-shaped quilting pattern makes the duvet incredibly comfy and airy. Even in cold winter, this duvet will provide sufficient warmth and coziness.

The BaLe Duo duvet is made in Germany according to the highest quality standards and from natural raw materials.

You can completely change the look and atmosphere in your bedroom with beautiful and natural duvet cover, which is sold separately.

To create complete set, you can choose good quality natural pillows from the same manufacturer. You may also like other items (for example bedding, mattress protectors, covers, plaids) from MATTRESSES AND TEXTILES category.

Size: 135 x 100 cm / 135 x 200 cm / 155 x 200 cm / 155 x 220 cm / 200 x 200 cm / 220 x 220 cm / 220 x 240 cm
Height: 5 cm
Filling: 80% organic cotton, 20% organic linen GOTS-certified (Global Organic Latex Standard), vegan friendly
Cover: 100% organic cotton GOTS-certified (Global Organic Latex Standard), fine percale
Weight: ca. 2800 g at 135 x 200 cm

Machine washable: Yes. Machine-washable at 60°