ROSSA quilted pillow
ROSSA quilted pillow
ROSSA quilted pillow
ROSSA quilted pillow
ROSSA quilted pillow
ROSSA quilted pillow

ROSSA quilted pillow

  • 40x40
  • 40x60
  • 40x80


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To get a good night’s rest you need to get the proper support, and part of doing so is ensuring your head and neck are in alignment with the rest of your body. Just as you choose a mattress to help alleviate pressure points and stabilize your sleep position, you need to choose a pillow that does the same for your upper body.

Rossa is a pillow that offers you and your children a high level of sleeping comfort. You will hardly find a more robust filling than horse-tail hair. This natural pillow will support your sleep for a very long time.

It is advisable to wash the curled hair after longer use. This will ensure that this pillow can be used for more than 20 years. In this pillow is used only the highest quality wiry, boiled, and superfine, curly horsetail hairs.

The pillow is point-elastic soft so that it stays that way if the hair filling is plucked up from time to time. Rossa feels light and airy to slump into while being malleable enough to mold around your head and neck, giving both some support.

What is also great about this affordable pillow is that it absorbs perspiration, keeps you cool at night, which allows the sleeper to get undisturbed, quality sleep, and rest, no matter the weather or the body's circumstances.

Quilted Cover improves temperature regulation to your pillow and gives soft and cooling comfort. Rossa pillow feels pleasingly plump and cozy.

The cover is made from organic cotton and has a zipper so you can adjust the firmness by removing and adding back in filling to achieve the ultimate firmness you desire.

The Rossa pillow is made in Germany according to the highest quality standards and from natural raw materials. Anyhow, no matter which of these features is the most important for you, by choosing Rossa pillow, you will significantly better your sleep quality and provide suitable head and neck support.

You can completely change the look and atmosphere in your bedroom with beautiful and natural pillowcases, which are sold separately.

To create complete set, you can choose good quality natural duvets from the same manufacturer.

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Size: 40 x 40 cm / 40 x 60 cm / 40 x 80 cm
Height: 10 cm (for pillows 40x40 cm) or 12 cm (for pillows 40x60 / 40x80 cm)
Filling: 100% horse tail hair GOTS-certified (Global Organic Latex Standard)
Cover: 100% organic cotton GOTS-certified (Global Organic Latex Standard) with zip
Weight: ca. 600 g at 40 x 60 cm

Machine washable: Yes. Filling hand wash only at 30° and cover machine-washable at 60°